Juventus is going through a difficult period of the season. Eliminated from the Champions League, she occupies the 4th place in the Italian team and is threatened to not even qualify for the next edition of the biggest European tournament. To make matters worse, Cristiano Ronaldo is increasingly ‘isolated’ from the squad – at least, that’s what the newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport reports on Friday.

“Nervous, short tempered and far from his teammates, Ronaldo lives almost separately at home”, says the Italian vehicle. “In the field, he is not the usual Ronaldo in terms of performance and attitude. Off the field, then, he seems more distant from Juventus, as a club and as a person. Away from his companions, he becomes more and more isolated”, writes the publication.

Also according to Gazzetta, Cristiano Ronaldo would like to return to Real Madrid, but this is an opportunity that has not yet appeared. The closest solution at the moment is Manchester United, where he has Solskjaer’s history and approval. Juventus’ next appointment is this Sunday, when they visit Udinese by the Italian.