Juventus managed to raise an eyebrow or two when the club brought in Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid in 2018 for €100 million. The Portuguese superstar may have dominated world football with his incredible goals over the last 10 years, but he was on the wrong side of 30 when he made the switch to the Allianz Stadium. He also managed to bag a contract that pays him £28 million per year – one of the most expensive. Yet, all those extravagant numbers are starting to make sense with Ronaldo’s presence set to reward in the form of a significant bump in sponsorship deals.

Adidas and Jeep are in talks with Juve over the renewal of sponsorship and both brands could end up paying a significantly improved contract. Adidas are currently paying around £20 million per season, but this could rise to around £46 million. The new deal will run until 2027 and it was agreed a few months ago – even as Ronaldo’s presence was starting to have a significant impact on the fan count.

In recent years, Italian clubs have not been able to overthrow the Spanish and English counterparts in terms of popularity. The TV money in Italy has simply not been sufficient enough for the clubs to generate wealth, which would, in turn, bring in more trophies. However, Juve very able to gain a substantial rise in fan base after the arrival of Ronaldo. The number of followers on social media for the Italian giant jumped from around 50 million to 84 million – a 68% increase in just one season.

The substantial increase in followers appears to be leading Juventus to a bumper contract with Jeep, who have been the shirt sponsors since the 2012/13 campaign. So far, Jeep have been paying only around €16 million per season while bonuses would take the figure closer to €20 million. It is nowhere near the figures managed by other big clubs across Europe. The arrival of Ronaldo appears to have been the impetus to get more money out of the shirt sponsorship, as Jeep are reportedly ready to pay around €50 million per year!

The current deal with Jeep pays less than the sponsorship deal Sassuolo have been able to work out with Mapei. It is only slightly better than AC Milan’s deal with Fly Emirates and it is a shocker considering the achievements of Milan over the last decade.

The new deal will benefit Juve immensely and the club are already in talks with other high profile players to continue the massive influx of sponsorship money. The defending champions were interested in taking Neymar for €100 million along with Paulo Dybala. Yet, PSG’s insistence on receiving full money up front has been a stumbling block. Juve can be expected to return back with a new offer next summer.

Ronaldo has been a huge money-spinner for the Italian giant, who do not want to be in a position to let go of this sizable advantage. All the while, it should also not be forgotten that Ronaldo played a key role in helping the club win the league title last season.