Practically four years after exchanging Napoli where he was deified, by Juventus, striker Gonzalo Higuaín still deals with charges like “Judas”, “traitor”, among other names. But nowadays the Argentine has shown to deal with it much better.

“Traitor, me? I don’t regret signing for Juventus. How many players have gone from River Plate to Boca Juniors, from Inter Milan to Milan? They said the same about Ronaldo, Pirlo and many others. It’s part of football”, he told Fox Sports. To this day he is a persona non grata for Napoli and his fans. Whenever he goes to the city to play against the local team he is met with insults, boos. He lost all the idolatry that took years to conquer.

At Juventus, where he has three seasons, he was present in 149 matches and scored 66 goals. He is far from being loved as he was when he defended Napoli’s colors. And he told Fox Sports about the future. “In the future, I will be able to play in MLS, like many other players. But now I’m at Juventus, I still have a year to go. Let’s see what happens. In five days, we’ll go back to training and see how it will be. With the new coach, there will certainly be a different dynamic” said the 32-year-old.