After six years playing with Messi, the time has come to partner with Cristiano Ronaldo. At least it is the future that Juventus looks forward to striker Luis Suárez. According to the broadcaster “Sky Sport”, the Italian team made contact with the Uruguayan and expressed interest in counting on him after the player’s contract with Barcelona was terminated.

Juventus plans to sign the Uruguayan on a free transfer. But the player’s agreement with the Catalan team will not be simple. According to “Sky Sport”, Luis Suárez asks Barcelona for 25 million euros for the early termination of the contract. Juventus, meanwhile, is looking for a new shirt 9. In his first press conference of the season, coach Andrea Pirlo said that Higuaín will no longer play for the team. The Old Lady considers that Suárez can still surrender.

The striker has a contract with the Spaniards until June 2021. However, the document contains an automatic renewal clause until 2022 if the player played 60% of the games in which he is available – without injuries. The calculation of Suárez’s termination request was made on the basis of possible losses with the termination of the contract two years ahead of schedule.